When God Tells you to Move !

Hello Everyone,

Wow we finally get the opportunity to meet and join together in this spiritual journey !

Beauty(N)Brokenness, LLC is a Christian Blog & Apparel business established in 2020 by K'Renee. God gave me a vision to encourage women along their journey of being renewed, restored, and transformed in Christ. God is looking to put those broken pieces together to restore the beautiful vessel he can use for his glory. Some of us have been through pain and sufferings all to build our testimonies. For example if you look at an antique car it may have interior and exterior malfunctions such as broken windows, flat tires, or other mechanical failures. However, despite the condition of the vehicle it continues to hold its value. Sometimes an older car is more valuable than newer cars because it offers different features that are unavailable in a newer version car. God made the best version of you ! Take a moment to compare that analogy to your life. We've all experienced situations that caused people to look at our circumstances and immediately depreciate the value of our lives based on our individual encounters in life. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 2:9-10, " My Grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness". Join me ladies in creating an environment for women to be empowered on this journey to spiritual healing & growth for we all have a ways to go.

If you ever find yourself questioning your worth remember that you are original, unique, and built in the perfect image of GOD !

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